Revolutionary technology
for Weight – Fat – Inch loss

SPOT REDUCTION at Kalp Naturo is based on the passive therapies in which there is no invasion, no medicines, no supplements, no side effects, no exercise and no crash diet is involved. All the are done by qualified therapist with help of machines producing Far Infrared rays that are safe for the humans and there are many research papers available and even US-FDA also approves the use of Far Infrared rays for therapies.

Along with these therapies physiologically designed body massages, VacuumTherapy and Sculpting are also part of our targeted therapy that helps you lose weight in a schematic manner without harming your body shape.The main function of this combination therapy is to metabolize the excess fat in the body as a result of which a person burns upto 7700 kcal in just one session.

Our goal at Kalp Naturo is to help our clients to achieve their highest potential in terms of health-shape-sizein absolutely natural way without hampering body’s needs.A qualified Dietician guides the clients to follow a certain food pattern that is very healthy and convenient to them, educates them about various components of their diet along with the quantity to be consumed per day.

At Kalp Naturo we perform a thorough Medical Assessment and Body Composition Analysis thorough specifically designed scanners. Not only your weight but important body parameters likeVisceral fat, Trunk Subcutaneous fat, BMI, Blood sugar, Body Fat and Trunk measures also shows significant change which are logged via Body scan monitor and  assessment sheets maintenance.

The best part is that, this therapy can be taken by people of all ages, gender with multiple diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Hernia, PCOD, Body Pain etc.


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