Pregnancy / Prenatal Yoga in Udaipur

The time when you are expecting and going through various emotional and physical changes.

You are excited, nervous, fatigue, morning sicknesses, hungry, sleepy, scared, happy, mood swings and so many other undefined states.

It’s a precious feeling that you are caring life and a part of yourself developing inside your body. This is the time when you need proper care of your body, so you are well prepared for your labor and delivery. 

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

  • Prenatal/Pregnancy Yoga helps a woman to be better prepared for labor and delivery.
  • It helps in muscle toning, connects you more emotionally with baby, maintain spinal integrity and drive towards healthier pregnancy.
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy Yoga helps in getting flexibility.
  • Yoga during pregnancy can help in maintaining good digestion, prevent from fatigue and morning sickness, provide relief in leg cramps and swelling.
  • Meditation, Pranayam and Breathing Exercises helps in controlling emotions and gives stability during mood swing.

Note: There are some yoga postures and breathing exercises which are unsafe during pregnancy. So please take proper guidance of an expert.

Aasnas which have below postures and positions are not recommended during pregnancy:

  • Lying on back
  • Forceful breathing exercises, holding breath for long or short.
  • Over stretching
  • Positions which gives you strain
  • Lying on your stomach (prone postures)
  • Upside-down postures (inversions)
  • Back bends
  • Strong twists
  • Sheershasan
  • Chakrasana
  • And more like this…

There are very specific Aasanas and recommendations for each trimester.

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