Without deciding the right path, our health goals cannot be achieved. So, we at Kalp Naturo, conduct very descriptive consultancy regarding your healing, health and happiness. This process includes removing toxins from your body (internal cleansing) and then how to keep it detox forever through following proper dietetics practices.

Our expert will analyze your routine and body requirements, and accordingly they will guide you through with your diet plan and life style modification required for your overall fitness and health.

The first appointment is usually 40 minutes.

Before your appointment it would be helpful if you come up with your complete medical history, life style etc., so the dietitian can give more individual and specific advice for your needs.

Advice on nutritional supplements will be given if necessary, however, wherever possible advice will focus on obtaining nutrients from food.

Our Strategy
Your Diet and Nutrition Assessment

First, we will evaluate your current food habits, life style, work pattern, medical history and complications and will do Body Composition Analysis (BCA). Once the data is collected and organized, we will assess and evaluate the nutritional status.

  • Assess your diet, lifestyle and physical activity levels.
  • Provide appropriate information on healthy eating.
  • Help you set and reach achievable healthy eating goals.
Dietary Advice and Counselling

With assessment data. We will conduct in-depth counselling and release dietary advice required for set objective. We will guide you through resources, eating plans and recipes.

Nutrition Diagnosis

Data collected during the nutrition assessment guides nutritionist in selection of the appropriate nutrition diagnosis (i.e., naming the specific problem).

  • General healthy eating
  • Diabetes and prevention of diabetes
  • Heart disease, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Poor appetite
  • Digestive health including constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Chronic disease management including cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, stomach related issues (indigestion, gas, bloating, acidity) and obesity
  • Weight loss management
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Healthy weight gain
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Sports nutrition
  • Corporate nutrition
Nutrition Intervention

Select the nutrition intervention that will be directed to the root cause of the nutrition problem and aimed at alleviating the signs and symptoms of the diagnosis.

Nutrition Monitoring/Evaluation

Determine if the patient/client has achieved, or is making progress toward, the planned goals.

We can help you achieve:
  • Improved vitality and health
  • Enjoyment of meals
  • Nutrition knowledge

We also conduct wellness seminars and workshops to create awareness at your workplace.

What is the need of proper food, diet and nutritional education?
  • There is increase in health problems due to bad eating habit. Most of the people don’t know what kind of food and calories their body needs which suits their life style and work requirement.
  • We cannot eat any fruits on daily basis, there is a proper pattern which we need to understand.
  • Obesity in rapidly increasing in our country and causing serious illnesses. Eating the right food helps maintain a strong immune system which protects us from diseases like colds and flu.
  • Intake of sugar is all time high in our food intake which is leading to early age diabetes.
  • Preservatives, packed foods, pesticides, chemicals are increasing health risk.
  • Bad life style and excessive use of alcohol and smoking.
In our seminars/workshops we cover:
  • How to control your weight with right food habits
  • Nutrition sources and basics
  • What to eat and when to eat
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables are super food
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your ethnic and traditional foods/recopies
  • Philosophy of breakfast, lunch, dinner and correct timings for snacks
  • Sugar and Cholesterol guide
  • Ghee good or bad?
  • Proper source and way to consume Ghee
  • Food myths, colors and different terminologies
  • Different food requirement at different age and gender
  • Food for different body organs (brain, eye, stomach, liver, heart, kidney etc.)
  • Yoga and Pranayam