Laser Hair Removal in the clean and sanitized facility

Say farewell to all the undesirable hair, by using our Laser Hair Reduction technique. The laser is quite effortless and the fastest approach. Spending over 100 hours of your life shaving, waxing, and tweezing is just not necessary. Select the region where you need laser hair reduction and you will get Kalp Naturo Skincare professionals by your side. Also, get your skin smooth and velvety like you dream just a step ahead. We hold a specialty in offering you full body laser hair removal.

Our approach that makes the treatment better than waxing:

  • Launching SLD laser hair removal in Udaipur

In our work, we utilize the SLD laser hair removal that is the Approved Technology in hair reduction. We ensure that laser hair removal even for facial hair is well suited to all skin types which delivers superior results. Besides, painless lasers become smooth and hassle-free treatment procedures for safe, effective, and permanent results. Only our board-certified laser technicians under the supervision of a skin specialist conduct the work.

  • Comfortable and smooth on all skin types

Powerful, fast, and versatile, our laser hair removal treatments are suitable for all skin tones and all body areas. Besides, we excel in permanent hair reduction that is inclusive of the reduction of wrinkles, warts, pigmentation, and more.

  • Hair reduction in just 4 to 6 sittings

Our experienced specialist dermatologists can ensure removing the hair in just four to six sessions of laser facial and body hair removal treatment. With our work, we can promise you the achievement of the best results. The treatment in sessions will significantly reduce the number of hair-producing follicles.

laser hair removal in Udaipur

Long-lasting results that we deliver

Our laser hair removal therapies start with an appointment with our specialist. We scan the region of your skin with laser light from the Profile framework for treatment. Time for treatment will be based upon the area we have to remove hair from. We utilize a framework to eliminate heat from hair follicles of the skin hence cooling it. This guarantees a comfortable treatment. The tool that the specialists use is the Small Divergence Angle, and Enhanced Clinical Efficiency based light-emitting laser VCSEL (SLD) Diode. The remarkable part is that it holds deep penetration depth, that can offer much better treatment result.

Our special laser specifically focuses on your hair follicles and warms them with infra-red energy. The Profile utilizes an exceptional computer-guided examining framework. Due to this automation treatment, it guarantees that your skin is quickly and equally treated. Pricing starts from ₹999/- per session and lifetime membership is also available to avail the more benefits.

So, book an appointment today if you want quick, successful, and delicate hair reduction treatment.