Losing weight is going to be easier than you’ve imagined.

If your motivation levels have been waning because you’ve tried everything and yet have not been able to get rid of those bulges and the rock-solid cellulite?

If struggle with weight has become a constant battle, which is pulling you down both emotionally and psychologically.

If your weight gain may be due to an underlying health condition, multiple diseases like Diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, B.P, Arthritis& Body Pain, Body implant or immovability etc.

Then you are at right place and time, as we are experts in passive therapies that are latest & scientific for losing quantum amount of Weight-Fat-Inches.

The day you realize the importance of physical fitness, it becomes the turning point of your life. And why not? When an improved appearance & fitness can change your outlook and have the ability to change the perception of yours as well as others about you. This we have done with many, that’s why people call us ‘Transformation Experts”. 

Let us understand the pattern of your suffering:
A zero session is arranged with our experts, while the visit of yours to any of our branch. The experts which include highly qualified doctors, psychologist, dieticians, counselors, life coaches, physiotherapist, beauty–laser experts, who will discuss your past history and medical conditions. As the physiology of every individual is different, so mind-storming sessions are required to customize a comprehensive holistic program, which will help you to achieve the desired goals.

Knowing and Doing are two different things:
Many of you might not be aware of your undisclosed medical conditions if present or few of you might be aware, despite that all hard efforts are not working for you because knowing and doing are two different things. We will help you to reveal them (medical conditions) and further improve them during the course of programme.

Amazing results in the terms of fat-weight-inches can be achieved permanently only once root cause of obesity is identified and acknowledged.  To suggest you a fusion program that take cares of Weight-fat-inch loss while addressing all your health concerns, we do a complete body composition scan for each of our client to know the gross distribution of various components in your body like total body fat, visceral fat, trunk subcutaneous fat, body age, muscle weight, bmi etc. this scan report helps us to predict the possibility of certain medical conditions which may be a cause of your weight gain. This helps us to create a blue print for the course of weight loss program to be conducted with set of certain guidelines. This will certainly help you to achieve complete wellness  & moreover enhances your mental strength.

Our evaluation of the Client: Normal / Overweight / Obese Category

Let’s discuss past events and history 
We need to know few things like:

  • How often do you travel
  • Are you working or not
  • How did your body responded to previous weight loss attempts
  • What is your eating & activity pattern
  • How much time can you spend for the programme
  • Any medications
  • Any surgeries in past
  • Family history if any
  • What time do you sleep
  • Which time period of your life you gained the maximum weight
  • What are your expectations, once you enroll for the programme

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