Kalp Naturo has gained popularity around the world for quick, painless fat reduction and body shaping. Using the effective FIR, Kalp Naturo has hundreds of success stories internationally. Now this successful cosmetic procedure is available in India through Kalp Naturo.

Lost weight yourself but unable to get rid of lose skin or sagged skin? Are those heavy arms or bulky thighs hampering with your confidence?

At Kalp Naturo our skilled and certified therapist under professional medical guidance helps you clear out the sagged skin by our advanced non-invasive, safe and effective Body Sculpting Therapy. This ultra-modernized technique is ultrasound, RF and cavitation based, which completely transforms the personality of a person.

We have expertise in some special therapies and combinations for body shaping and figure correction and get the results within desired time periodby targeting the problem area. These therapies help you mobilize even the most stubborn fat deposited at specific body areas under highly sanitized and safe atmosphere.

The bio-sculpting therapy can help you tighten the body musculature providing you the desired body shape. Be it the saggy arms, heavy thighs, double chin, localized abdominal fat, this highly advanced and customized therapy at Kalp Naturo helps you get the right amount of perfection within your convenience.

Assured fat loss & inch loss in every session

Painless, non-invasive treatment

Skin tightening, reshaping of specific parts and remove wrinkles too

FDA approved