The entire humanity is now used to a fast-paced, stressful life without time to think about their physical and mental health. Your body can adapt to this kind of lifestyle for a while. After which, one fine day, it might breakdown, with or without warning. Emotional stability is lost, and physical trauma is felt, and everyday activities may seem to be scary. Yoga comes to the rescue for all your problems. Be they physical or mental.

The real essence of Yoga lies around improving the life force at the base of the backbone. It attempts to achieve holistic goodness through various physical and mental workouts. Coming to the physical level, the procedures comprise of several postures or yogic asanas which can keep the body healthy, while on the mental level, there are some breathing and meditative techniques which helps in disciplining the mind. The benefits of Yoga are almost endless, and this is the reason why it has received international acclamation even when it had originated in India centuries ago.

How can Yoga aid you to live a better life?

No matter whether you are from the West or the East, regular practicing of Yoga can proffer tons of benefits which include:

  1. Improvement of flexibility:This is the most significant benefit of Yoga where you can improve your posture with each practice sessions. Inflexibility can bring about a lot of movement issues; tight hamstrings can flatten the lumbar spine while tight hips can cause strain to the knee. Daily Yoga can relieve connective tissues while improving posture.
  2. Builds muscle strength:Strong muscles are not just meant for making you look good; it can protect you from conditions such as back pain, arthritis and falls among aged people. With regular practice of Yoga, you can see your muscles becoming stronger and flexible within a short span.
  3. Prevention of joint and cartilage breakdown:While practicing Yoga, all the major joints of the body runs through a roller coaster of motion. This can prevent degenerative arthritis and squeeze the parts of the cartilage which are not usually used.
  4. Improve the health of the bone: Several postures of Yoga demand you to bear your own weight such as the downward and the upward facing dog which also helps in making the bones in the arms stronger. Plus, Yoga is known to lower the cortisol levels which can boost the level of calcium in the bones.
  5. Protection of the spine:The spinal disks which help in absorbing shock crave for movement through which they get the nutrition. Yoga can get you optimum back-bends, twists and forward bends to keep the disks in a supple condition.
  6. Improvement in coordination among mind, body and soul.

How has Yoga helped in improving health condition?

After many research and feedback from the people, yoga has tremendous effects on body as well mind. Yoga involve many techniques and method at very micro and macro level of mind and body. Yoga helps to understand body and its mechanism because 70-80% of body’s complication is related to psychology. In yoga there are some body posture which has very good effect on body and its complication. Like Windreleaving posture is good for gastric problem,mandukasana is good for diabetes patients.

Basic Yoga asanas that can help maintain health 

  1. Sukhasana
  2. Shavasana
  3. Balasana
  4. Vajrasana
  5. Bhujangasana
  6. Trikonasana
  7. Uttanasana
  8. Pashcimottanasana
  9. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
  10. Ushtrasana

More real-life examples can be cited where people suffering from chronic illness have gotten complete relief by practicing Yoga. Across the world, this ancient Indian therapy has been acknowledged as an effective alternative therapy.

We should also consider that yoga is not merely an exercise, it’s an integral part of lifestyle which we should follow completely.


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