Obesity is one of the key problems that is a gateway to many diseases these days. Obesity should be treated and taken care of for a better and healthy lifestyle. KalpNaturo is a renowned weight loss centre in Udaipur.

With the expert guidance of Dr. Arpit Choudhary, we have been providing one of the best obesity treatments in Udaipur.

Obesity and extra weight should never be neglected. People facing this problem should immediately look for obesity treatment. Weight loss can be challenging at times but our experts make sure you do not lose the motivation and will.

What you get at KalpNaturo:
KalpNaturo takes complete care when it comes to obesity. The causes of your weight gain are assessed first. A lot of underlying diseases like Thyroid, B.P, Arthritis, Diabetes, and others can lead to weight gain. Our expertise lies in natural therapies which are scientific and helps in weight loss. We use natural and most advanced methods of detoxification and body cleansing.

Each person has a different lifestyle, metabolism, and physiology. Hence weight loss plans are provided accordingly after thoroughly understanding the problems of each individual.
Various programs are offered that provide the optimum results.

Specially designed Programs:

  • Spot Reduction: Spot reduction technique is most ideal for the people who do not want to reduce their weight with heavy exercises, invasions, surgery, medicines, and crash diet course.

In Spot Reduction, trusted therapists carry on the process using machines producing Far Infrared rays which are not harmful. Body massages, vacuum therapy, and body sculpting are also methods that are applied. This program is designed to metabolize excess fat and help a person burn up to around 7700 kcal in one session. The ideal place for people looking for obesity treatment in Udaipur.

  • Bio Sculpting: A lot of people believe in burning off the fat with exercises and hard work. Often they are left with saggy skin. At KalpNaturo, skilled experts clear out the saggy skin by advanced and safe Body Sculpting Therapy.
  • Body Shape Up: A great program for weight loss lasting around 8 weeks. It includes spot reduction processes and non-surgical liposuction methods apart from regular exercise and following a proper and healthy diet plan.

All these world-class facilities and a team of skilled and certified professional make KalpNaturo one of the best weight loss centres in Udaipur. With programs developed for each individual after carefully understanding their physiology and problems, the results are satisfactory. With a long list of happy and healthy clients, our goodwill increases every day. The use of best in class and the latest technology along with great exercise and diet plans under experienced trainers and therapists make weight loss a lot easier. People looking to get back in shape and move happily towards a healthier tomorrow should receive the obesity treatment in Udaipur by KalpNaturo.

KalpNaturo Weight Loss Reviews:

दुकान पर लगातार बैठे रहनेसे और कोई physical activity नहीं होनेसे काफी समयसे मैं कमर दर्द, स्लिपडिस्क, हाइपरएसिडिटी जैसी समस्याओ से परेशान था. इसके साथ ही मेरा वजनभी लगातार बढ़ रहा था. समझ नहीं आ रहा था कि इस प्रकार की “Life Style” से सम्बंधित बीमारियों का इलाज कैसे कराया जाये.

तब “KalpNaturo” जा के उनके Body Cleansing/Detoxification (शरीर शुद्धिकरण) के concept को समझा और 2-3 demo session लिए. Results काफी impressive थे और 2-3 demo sessions में ही सकारात्मक बदलाव दिखने लगे.

मैंने “KalpNaturo” join करने के बाद 2.5 महीनों में अपना 19 किलो तक अपना वजन कम किया और मुझे स्लिपडिस्क, बदनदर्द, कमरदर्द, खट्टीडकारआना, हाइपरएसिडिटी जैसी बिमारिओ से रहतमिली.

— अंकितबाबेल, # 9509881213 Businessman, उदयपुर

One of the best naturopathy center in India. I underwent treatment for over one week under the guidance of Dr. Arpit and Garvit.
Just because of the therapy and treatment rendered over one week, I have effortlessly lost 3 kg of weight.
Again I would like to compliment this is the best colon hydrotherapy treatment avenue in India and has high safety standards. I flew all the way from Singapore and I was not disheartened. I am wishing to spend another two weeks with this center and take complete control of my gut health

— Vijay Dwivedi