Migraine / Headache

Person who is suffering fromMigraine gets recurrent headaches continuously on one side or both the sides of head. Patient also get feeling of nausea, vomiting sensation and extreme sensitivity towards light or sound. It has severe impact on sleep, routine activities, and concentration.

This is unfortunate that still there is no way to detect the actual cause and reason of Migraine. If it is not controlled at early stage then it can further cause other health and psychological issues like restlessness, sleeping disorder, stroke, walking during sleep, paralysis,motion sickness, night terrors, abdominal pain, vomiting, fatigue, vertigo, depression, negativity etc.

Kalp Naturo Therapies for Migraine:

We work on the root cause of the problem, diagnose the history and current health situation. Based on that we plan body cleansing and detoxification therapies. Along with it we closely monitor the diet practices and how body is responding to it. We keep a close eye on all the fluctuations and accordingly plan the schedule.

Through our therapies we have seen the good progress in the Migraine issue

Our aim is to gradually decrease the frequency of headaches, relief in the severity of pain, and how to achieve LONG LASTING RELIEF FROM MIGRAINE and preventing further complications.

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