Kalp Naturo is the most advanced naturopathy detoxification wellness and fitness centre in Udaipur. It is a renowned and effective in body detoxification and Weight Loss Centre in UdaipurWith the guidance of health expert Dr. Arpit Choudhary, Kalp Naturo has been successful in delivering results and making the patients happy, which is the reason why Kalp Naturo is often considered as the Best Weight Loss and Detoxification center in Rajasthan. 

Obesity and extra weight with other complications are concern for a lot of people these days. It can also lead to various diseases. People always try to stay in shape and lose excess pounds.  However, losing weight can become pretty challenging at times and the person might start losing the urge and motivation. 


Why Kalp Naturo: 

At Kalp Naturo, complete care is taken in this regard. Firstly, the causes are assessed. The weight gain can often be due to any underlying diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, B.P, Arthritis, PCOS, and lifestyle related issues. Health experts at Kalp Naturo assess the conditions and guide the person through the necessary steps. Kalp Naturo is expert in passive therapies that are scientific and latest and helps in losing considerable amount of weight and fat. 

The process starts with the experts that include highly qualified doctors, psychologists, counselors, dieticians, physiotherapists, life coaches discussing your history and medical conditions. The physiology of every individual is different and hence programs are customized according to it and proper weight loss diet plans are provided to obtain optimum results. 


Other Services We Offered: 

Spot Reduction is based on passive therapies which do not include any invasion, medicines, supplements, exercises and crash diets. The reductions are done by qualified and trusted therapists with the help of machines producing Far Infrared Rays that are safe for humans. Apart from this, physiologically designed body massages, Vacuum therapy and Sculpting are also part of this therapy. The combination aims to metabolize the excess fat in the body which can help a person burn up to 7700kcal in one session. One of the primary reasons why Kalp Naturo is one of the best weight loss centres in Rajasthan.


Many people work hard and lose weight on their own but are left with sagged skin. Skilled and certified therapists at Kalp Naturo helps people to clear out the sagged skin by the advanced non-invasive, effective and safe Bio Sculpting Therapy. This technique uses Ultrasound, RF and cavitation which transforms the person. 


The Total Body Shape- Up program provides sessions. The core of this plan includes spot reduction, manual and minor therapies from following appropriate nutritious diet plans. 

Apart from these, experts at Kalp Naturo provide weight loss diet plans, which alwys lead to great results. 

Kalp Naturo is made for people who want to stay fit and are motivated. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Arpit Choudhary Kalp Naturo, a weight loss and detoxification centre in Udaipur has gained the trust of people by delivering results and is now one of the best weight loss and detoxification centers in Rajasthan

If you are motivated and want to stay in shape, with no diseases, waste no more time and get in touch with Kalp Naturo. It will change your outlook towards fitness while benefitting you the most.


Colonic irrigation effectively cleanses years of excess waste, pollutants and toxic substances, this process can also help re-balance the bowel flora by facilitating re-population of the stock of healthy bacteria. hygienic and odorless, the therapy is carried out in a private and relaxing environment. it will take 40 minutes to clean your intestine.